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Errors & Omissions Insurance

from Florida Insurance Team

Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O)

Errors & Omissions insurance, often referred to as Professional Liability insurance, is a specialized form of coverage designed to insulate professionals and businesses from financial losses stemming from errors, omissions, or alleged acts of negligence in the delivery of professional services.

This insurance can be a vital safety net, offering financial protection when clients or third parties file claims related to mistakes or perceived shortcomings in your work.

E&O insurance is a versatile coverage that can be customized to meet the specific risks of various professions, including consultants, advisors, service providers, and more. Whether you're a legal professional, a technology consultant, a real estate agent, or any other professional, Florida Insurance Team can tailor your E&O insurance policy accordingly.

Why is E&O Insurance Important?

Financial Insulation: In the realm of professional services, claims of negligence or professional errors can result in costly legal proceedings, settlements, or judgments. E&O insurance can help cover these expenses, safeguarding your financial stability and the continuity of your business.

Preserving Reputation: A professional's reputation is often their most valuable asset. E&O insurance can include resources for reputation management, helping professionals and businesses mitigate damage to their brand caused by allegations of professional misconduct.

Client Confidence: Having E&O insurance demonstrates your commitment to accountability and professionalism. This can be a pivotal factor in attracting and retaining clients who seek assurance that their interests are protected.

Who Needs E&O Insurance?

If you provide a service as a business, you may benefit from E&O insurance protection. Professions that commonly purchase this coverage include:

  • Attorneys
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Accountants
  • Contractors
  • Printers
  • Financial planners
  • Wedding planners
  • Maintenance companies
  • Doctors (specifically as malpractice insurance)

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