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Manufactured Homes in Florida

From the Florida Insurance Team Blog

Manufactured Homes in Florida

The sunshine state certainly has its share of mobile or manufactured homes. In fact, over 11% of all homes in Florida are a manufactured home, which is about 850,000 homes.

Many of these home are uninsured or improperly insured, which could cost the homeowner thousands if a loss should occur.

Here are three things you should know about Insuring Your Manufactured Home in Florida.

Know Your Basic manufactured home insurance coverage

Mobile or Manufactured home insurance covers your manufactured home and your personal property from a covered peril.

Every home is different and policy forms can vary on which perils are covered under a basic policy, so it is important to review your coverages with your agent.

Perils such as wind, hail or theft may not be covered under the basic policy which is why it is important to review your quote carefully.

Some policies offer a replacement cost endorsement that will help you replace with a same type unit, but many only cover manufactured homes for the actual cash value. To determine how much you should insure your unit for, you need to know whether you are purchasing a replacement cost policy or an ACV policy.

What about attachments?

Most standard manufactured home policies do not provide coverage for attachments. Attachments such as carports, screen rooms, weathertight rooms and sheds are usually scheduled so it is important to address these attachments when getting a quote or reviewing your current policy.

If you are unsure if part of your structure is considered an attachment there is a simple way to check. In the state of Florida, a manufactured home is required like an automobile to have a title as proof of ownership, there is one title for a single wide and two titles for a double wide. Any part of your structure that does not have its own title, would be an attached or add on structure and usually will not be covered unless scheduled as an endorsement to your policy.

Unattached structures on premises

Again, like an attached structure most basic manufactured home policies do not provide coverage for unattached structures on the premises. Structures such as unattached sheds, free standing carports and detached garages usually need to be added on to your policy. It is important to address these structures when getting a quote or reviewing your current policy with your agent.

It is always best to review your quote carefully when purchasing new manufactured home insurance. Be sure to review your declarations page if you currently have insurance to make sure you have the coverage you need should a loss occur. If you are in doubt regarding what is covered, it is always best to contact your agent or carrier to ask.

Do not let a simple mistake, keep your claim from being covered.

Looking to insure your manufactured home? Get a quote today!